Who we serve

We are pleased to offer specialist language services to the sectors below based on the professional experience and expertise of our translators and interpreters.

who we serve

International Development Agencies

We have enabled non-profit organisations to unlock knowledge from all corners of the world and have facilitated cooperation across the globe, helping organisations move forward in their goals and inclusivity. Train together, build capacity, create long-distance partnerships and true global impact. 

who we serve

Marketing Teams

Make it an easy “Yes!” by addressing your target customers in their first language or adjust your materials to the local variant and see their respect for your relationship grow. And it’s not just language that we adapt. We make sure all aspects of your product and message are fully suited to your target market. Our localisation services will help bring campaigns to life for many different regions.

who we serve

Legal and Professional Sector

We work with legal firms on legal processes where essential paperwork has been completed in another language, including corporate documents, probate, medical reports, court orders and similar cases. We use appropriately registered, experienced translators who are authorised to produce certified or ‘sworn’ translations.

who we serve

Research and Evaluation

Increase your impact with new perspectives and bring about lasting change. Research across borders and share findings with ease. We can help with multilingual consultation, literature searches or project monitoring and evaluation, or translate research findings into another language for wider dissemination. Our main fields are sustainability, environment, social sciences, human rights, women, girls and children, education and community development.

who we serve

Commercial Organisations

We work with businesses to translate important documents including annual reports, financial statements and corporate strategy documents. Use our interpreters to conduct commercial negotiations on an even footing with associates and let us handle the translation of trade and import documentation.

who we serve

Private Clients

If you are looking for help with legal translations and certified or official translations of documents, look no further! We cut through the red tape to give you mobility.

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Languages we translate

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  • English
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Hungarian
  • Portuguese 
  • Russian
  • Arabic
  • Italian
  • Ukrainian
  • Japanese
  • Thai
  • Nepali

Why Choose DeScribe Language Services?


Qualified, accredited and hand-picked linguists.


Personalised project management from start to finish that fits your requirements.


We handle all the language logistics so you can get the best from your participants.


Innovative, reverse-language revision process resulting in superior quality translations.


Thorough quality control in accordance with ISO standards for translation.

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If you think we could be a good fit for your next project, get in touch.